Isopropyl Alcohol Makeup Brush Cleaner



Until a few weeks ago, all my makeup brushes have been cleaned or washed with MAC Brush Cleanser, washed with shampoo or liquid soap. I tried isopropyl alcohol, I cleaned it several times and my brushes look like new and have not encountered any problem (which also lost hairs brushes washed, they lost by this method, too). I poured alcohol in a container, I brush past the alcohol (the brushes I insisted a little dirty and have “swallowed” something more than alcohol) and wiped it in a cotton towel. The trick is to move quickly when you remove the alcohol evaporates and does not otherwise have time to clean them well and have to repeat the step.


– Clean brushes immediately and dries in one minute (you can use immediately without any problem)
– Alcohol destroy any microbe
– Method is very cheap
– A white brush to see again


– Alcohol smell (so I recommend an open window)
– Requires some attention method (alcohol might jump on you or the area where clean)


isopropyl alcohol makeup brush cleaner


isopropyl alcohol makeup brush cleaner