Electronic Cigarette Atomizer cleaning with isopropyl alcohol



Electronic smoking requires some routines that the user must go through. One of them is to clean atomizer to function properly and to remove the desired amount of steam.

Cleaning methods are different and vary depending on electronic smoker preference. Everyone is doing well using either a classical method, as breath atomizer or more advanced methods, such as Dry Burn (burning without E-Liquid), boiling or cleaning under running hot water.

One of the most effective methods is isopropyl alcohol. The sterilization properties, so it is very effective against any microbes that may have installed over time the wick atomizer.  Plus, complete drying method is faster than by washing with hot or boiling water. Also,  hot water jet cleaning has disadvantages: tap water contains minerals that are deposited on the wick and the walls.

Steps are explained in detail below:

– Atomizer is completely soaked in isopropyl alcohol in a glass bowl
– Have left about 10 minutes for the product to act on the channels and the wick
– Remove from pot and let the normal to dry for at least 48 hours for alcohol to evaporate completely

After these steps are met, you can resume normal routine electronic smoking. This method can be considered difficult by some, because of experiences with those who have tried alcohol, cigarettes taste was faint after taking the first two cartridges with liquid.

In conclusion, atomizer cleaning with isopropyl alcohol is one of the most effectiveways, but each electronic cigarette smoker can adapt any other method that is most suitable for him.